Beautiful Wallpaper ideas – Wood Fall background

This beautiful wood fall background can be used in any project that requires an autumnal theme. The colorful dried leaves are piled on a white wooden board with a wood grain pattern. The wallpaper is new and shows off the clear texture of wood. The grains of the wood run horizontally across the image. The color scheme is perfect for the fall season and is ideal for many types of projects. A simple wooden board is a great choice for a fall-themed backdrop.

You can download a free royalty-free photo of a wood fall background from iStock. The image is a colorful display of dried leaves in yellow, orange and red. A new white wooden wallpaper is textured with the even grain of wood running horizontally across the image. The background shows a winding country road through a forest filled with stunning colors. You can use this photo for any of your projects or presentations.

Fall background – Wooden Fall background With Dried Leaves in Shades of Yellow, Orange, and Red


A white wooden background with dried leaves in shades of yellow, orange, and red is a beautiful fall background. The leaves are stacked atop a new, clean white background, which displays the distinct texture of wood. You can also use this wood grain pattern by drawing horizontal lines on the wood board. It is a perfect choice for the autumn holiday, thanksgiving day, and other occasions. It is free to download and use for any purpose.