Videoke background – 3D Design Image for Videoke

The Grand Videoke is a multimedia karaoke system. It combines the power of the karaoke with the convenience of the computer. The software allows users to upload a variety of picture images. They can include the KJ’s business logo, a venue logo, advertisements, and even third party advertisers. These images make karaoke shows unique and more appealing to singers. It also allows users to download updates and newer versions to make their medleys more unique.

High Quality Wallpaper ideas For Karaoke Shows


The background of a karaoke show is an important part of the show. In fact, the wallpaper is often chosen because it helps the audience feel more involved in the performance. The karaoke background also helps the KJ business to advertise. Third-party advertisers or advertisements are also very popular with the audience. The videos that they see on the screens are usually more colorful and interesting for the singers. These backgrounds can be downloaded from the internet and can be used by DJs to make them more unique and interesting for the singers.