vibgyor background

VIBGYOR stands for Violet-Indigo-Blue-Green-Yellow-Orange-Red. The traditional optical spectrum comprises these colors. A vibgyor background features an abstract rainbow isolated on a white background. A colorful rainbow accompanied by the abstract Vibgyor symbol makes a striking background for a modern interior. There are many ways to customize this colorful pattern to match your style and decor.

The colors of a rainbow are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, and indigo. These colors are often referred to as ROYGBIV or “Roy G. Biv.” It is easy to remember the colors when they are accompanied by a favorite song. If you’d like to use a colorful background on your desktop, you can find 6 free images in PNG format. Download the images as many times as you want for your personal or business purposes.


Human eyes can detect light with wavelengths in the 400nm to 700nm range. Beyond that, we are not able to perceive other electromagnetic waves. Hence, we call them rainbow colors. However, a VIBGYOR background is a perfect choice for your home. If you’re interested in designing a background for your home, you can look up the VIBGYOR website. You’ll find many beautiful images here.