Background Picture Idea For Typography

When designing web pages and other printed documents, it’s a good idea to keep the text and background colors the same. This helps readers quickly and easily distinguish between important information and less important elements. A white background also makes it easier to read the bolder type. It is easy to spot and read white text on a black background, and it is easier to distinguish between the two than a dark background. However, a white color can be distracting.

A white wallpaper is the perfect backdrop for text that needs to stand out against a colorful photo. This type of white background allows the text to be easily read, yet it is still easy to read. The best way to use this type of wallpaper is to use a black font with a brightly colored image. The contrast between the two will make your text easier to read. If you’re using a white Image for your text, try to play around with the size and style of the letters.