Beautiful Wallpaper ideas For Thunder Clouds

background A thunderstorm is a large, vertical cloud. It is also known as cumulonimbus. This name comes from the Latin word for clouds, cumulus, and the Greek term nimbus, meaning “cloud.” The cloud has an anvil-like top and billowing sides, and the base is dark. This type of cloud typically produces large amounts of precipitation. The best way to tell if a storm is coming is to watch for the flash of lightning from above.

Thunder clouds are a common sight in the sky. A typical thunderstorm features a dark cloudscape, accompanied by lightning bolts that shoot through the air. Cumulonimbus, or cumulonimbus congestus, clouds can reach up to 6,000 metres in height and have an anvil-shaped top and billowing sides. These storm clouds are typically large and produce large amounts of precipitation. This article will provide a brief explanation of how thunderstorms form and what makes them so ominous.