3D Design Background in Gold Glitter on a Teal Background

If you’re looking for a background that is retro yet elegant, you’ve come to the right place! This elegant geometric pattern features concentric diamond shapes in gold glitter on a teal background. The design is easy to apply and would look great as a feature wall or as a wallpaper that runs throughout the room. It is a seamless pattern and has a ikat texture, so it’s a great choice for bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms.
High Quality Background Ideas For Any Occasion

This triangle-shaped pattern in gold and white is a stunning art deco inspired design. Whether used as a feature wall or a background, the triangle-shaped pattern is both aesthetically pleasing and practical for various projects. This abstract background design is also great for packaging, stationery, and home decor projects. If you want to make your room a more relaxing and tranquil environment, choose the teal color. The rich colors make this wallpaper a good choice for any occasion, including weddings and anniversaries.