Sunset Fade background Picture Idea

The lilac afterglow is visible high above the fading light of an early fall sunset. Cirrus streaks in the foreground have already been shaded by a towering tropospheric cloud. A shadow of dark color looms over the afterglow, casting a shadow across it. Afterglow is the result of blue light from the thin cloud, and the red light from the sunset illuminates it.

Sunset Fade background Tutorial


A sunset fade wallpaper is an excellent way to add an atmospheric element to a photo. A hazy daytime sky can often look white or gray, so this kind of backdrop is ideal for creating a moody effect. As the sun sets, the colors of the sun’s rays begin to fade. You can use a variety of color schemes for this effect, including blues and pinks. You can download a print-ready version of the tutorial if you prefer a more traditional color scheme.