Steven Universe Backgrounds – The Real Background Images From the Show

With the quality of detail in the Steven Universe episodes, I’ve always been a fan. This is why I was thrilled when a few free HD 1920x 1080p High Quality Background Images with a little “investigation” turned up. They turned out to be real background pictures from the real show. Here’s what they are…

The Gorgeous World Of Steven Universe Backgrounds

There are lots of Steven Universe backgrounds you can use to make your desktop or mobile device look more interesting and unique. These wonderful images are free to use, after all, as are most things on the Internet. This means you can print them out and put them up on any of your favorite computers or phones. If you are a huge fan of this animated series, you will love the look of Steven Universe backgrounds because they are beautifully done and very detailed. You can use these backgrounds to help jazz up any kind of device that you own so it is always in style.

Steven Universe Backgrounds – Quality Graphics That Don’t Cost Any Money

It has been many years since the release of Steven Universe, and boy did they deliver with all the Steven Universe backgrounds and art. Whether you like the show or not, you can still use the great art that is in this collection. They are all high quality and really look amazing. I will tell you why in a second.

High Quality Steven Universe Backgrounds

Steven Universe high quality wallpaper and screen shots. All of the Steven Universe backgrounds and art have been designed by award winning artists who specialize in beautiful, special commission paintings. They are all created with the most sophisticated of techniques so that when you are done viewing them, you are sure to want more. Team hunts down the web for the latest and greatest wallpaper pictures in high definition.

Amazing Steven Universe Backgrounds

This is where I see the real problem with websites that try to pass off free picture as Steven Universe backgrounds. Usually the quality isn’t amazing, but what can be done? You can’t really blame the website creators, because most of these pictures were not even meant to be used as a wallpaper. I’m sure there are some fans that made some money from the sales of these Steven Universe Backgrounds, but they were not expecting to turn around and sell something they didn’t make. The Steven Universe fan that just downloaded a few poor quality pictures probably doesn’t mind either. To each his own, but I am going to give these high quality pictures thumbs up, because they look so much better than the other free pictures you will find online.

Steven Universe Backgrounds – Free Background Design Download

If you love the show Steven Universe then you already know how much it has grown in popularity over the years, but did you know that you can use these backgrounds to make your own creative works? Creating your very own Steven Universe backgrounds would not only be a great way to show off your artistic skills, but it also allows you to create original free designs that are sure to get you noticed. With the internet being what it is these days, you can find the perfect background design for just about any situation, so why not give it a try? After all, isn’t it time you became an internet superstar? Get your own Steven Universe backgrounds here!

Steven Universe Backgrounds – How To Find Great Backgrounds

New Tab takes you to totally custom tab backgrounds to personalize themes with Steven Universe themes. Designed for Steven Universe loving fans. With New Tab, you can turn your phone or tablet into a portal to the world of imagination and wonder. You can find all kinds of interesting Steven Universe wallpapers on the internet, you just need to know where to look. Here are some tips on finding and installing the best free Steven Universe wallpapers and backgrounds for your phone or tablet.

Steven Universe Backgrounds Online

Go online and do some searches using any keyword related to Steven Universe, and see what pops up in Google. Don’t forget to use quotes because you don’t want to get a “live” link when people click on your link. If you want to have free downloads that won’t take forever, you might consider using a paid download service. The selection is much larger, but you pay a fee for each one.

Favorite Steven Universe Backgrounds

Download the free versions and then save the pictures to your computer. Open up the picture in your favorite photo editing program, and change the color if you wish. Or, if you would rather not change the background, simply use the free pictures as is. The pictures are high-resolution, so they’ll be very clear and colorful.

The Colors Of Steven Universe Backgrounds

If you prefer to change the colors of your Steven Universe wallpapers, you can, but this is something you will have to do if you’re trying to use a free image. You can also download an image with various backgrounds from the Internet. These wallpapers will have the same quality and resolution as the ones you can buy, but they are free. You may be able to save money on some purchases by choosing wallpaper with a low file size and using colors that are easy to change. The download links usually tell you how to change the colors.

The Quality Steven Universe Backgrounds

You can also use your own photos to make your own Steven Universe background. You can either use stock photos or you can download them from stock photography websites. The quality of these wallpapers will be higher than those you buy, but you won’t have to pay to download them. Sometimes the photos you download will be in a bad quality, so you’ll have to really look at them before you decide to use them. If you don’t have any idea where to find the stock photographs that you need, you can use an online search engine for more options.

The Most Popular Steven Universe Backgrounds

Character sheets are among the most popular Steven Universe backgrounds used on the site. You can make your own by taking a photo of your own character and downloading the background to your computer. It’s easier if you know the style of character you want to create. There are many sites that offer free character sheets, but they usually only give a basic outline of the character. To get a good idea of how the actual background will look on your own eyes, download a few drawings of your ideal character and give them to a professional. You might even be able to get some helpful ideas from the artist.

Interesting Steven Universe Backgrounds

Other interesting Steven Universe backgrounds are the ones that recreate famous scenes from the show. You can create a scene in which Garnet meets Steven or one that shows the Crystal Gems fighting against a monster. There’s also a reference page for the series with a list of all the backgrounds used in the show. These are great examples of creative thinking and great pictures to use as backgrounds for your home.

Easy To Find A Steven Universe Backgrounds

As you can see, it’s fairly easy to find a Steven Universe background you’ll love. Once you have the image of your own creation in mind, you can visit the official site or find custom Steven Universe backgrounds online to help you make your choice. You can download or purchase these posters and wallpapers online. You can also find a number of free images that you can use. There is something for every fan of this popular animated series.

Famous Scenes Steven Universe Backgrounds

A wonderful thing about the Steven Universe series is that the main characters are presented in a very interesting, and often different, way. You have to take into consideration the fact that every character is unique, with his/her own set of strengths and weaknesses. Every episode is full of amazing moments, great action, and lots of comedy – all of which is represented visually onscreen through the use of wonderful backgrounds. Some of the best Steven Universe backgrounds can be found online. Many people would probably be very surprised to know that there are a lot of things that they can find in the internet just waiting for them to download!

Popular Steven Universe Backgrounds

The reason why these images are so popular is because they are so diverse, from simple drawings to full-blown paintings of Steven, along with many other characters from the show. With a quick search online, a person can usually find thousands of different pictures that they can freely use for personal or commercial purposes. In fact, there are even some websites that offer free image downloads of Steven Universe backgrounds! People can download these images, save them on their desktop, and then print them out to use as wallpapers for their computer. This way, they do not need to spend too much money to obtain beautiful custom wallpapers for their computers!

Commercial Purpose Steven Universe Backgrounds

The Steven Universe background pictures available on the internet can be used for free for personal uses, but it is highly recommended that a license is obtained in order to use them commercially. There are quite a few places on the World Wide Web where a person can download images for free, but these places may contain copyrighted material or materials. As such, it is always important to get a legal release before using any of these free images for any type of commercial purpose.

Adventures Of Steven Universe Backgrounds

For fans of the Stephen Universe series, background pictures for PC can provide hours of entertainment. The adventures of this young boy who became a superhero can be enjoyed in this fantastic animated series for children on a number of levels. The episodes take place in space and while viewing some of these episodes, you will be treated to beautiful shots of the fantastic world that was created by the imagination of the show’s director, Kari Carpenter. These amazing images are so detailed and colorful that they bring a realistic representation to the world that you are viewing.

Fantastic World Of Steven Universe Backgrounds

The background images for PC featuring the fantastic world of the show have actually been licensed by Disney and have been carefully recreated in order to give kids a look at what their favorite characters would actually look like. With an appearance much like that of the animated series, these wonderful images allow kids to see what they would actually look like if they were to become one of the super heroes. When looking for some of these backgrounds for PC, you will also find several other characters from the show including Dr. Darkken, Rocket, Beta Ray Bill, Coach Z, Sarge, Slade, and many other beloved characters. You will certainly have a lot of fun looking through all of them for great ideas.

Amazing Steven Universe Backgrounds

For anyone who is wondering where they can find these amazing Backgrounds for use on their computer, a quick visit to the website Steven universe backgrounds can shed some light on this issue. Here, you will find several examples of different types of backgrounds to choose from for use with your computer. In addition, there are some special downloads available that feature the most amazing art work of this animated series. If you love these characters, you can’t help but to purchase the available fan art for these characters. Many people are also finding that picking a few of these Steven Universe background pictures for PC wallpaper images takes their mind off the cartoon as well as giving them a nice little treat to their brains after a long day at school or work. No matter what time of day it is, you’ll enjoy looking through some of the best Steven Universe background pictures for PC.

Steven Universe Backgrounds – High Quality Background Images

Steven Universe Backgrounds are available in high quality picture formats for many visitors to enjoy in the Internet. There are many quality images to download in various file formats such as gif, png and jpeg. These files are safe to use in both personal and commercial applications. The free download gives a wide range of choices for backgrounds such as backgrounds depicting romantic interludes, zodiac signs, nature scenes, comic book and cartoon characters, sports, religious themes, and so much more!

Steven Universe Backgrounds Design

Okay, so, as we all know that Steven Universe is one of the best animated series of recent years and it deserves its background designs, but I wanted to share with you guys a few free background design download ideas that you can use for your own Steven Universe stuff. First of all, what I love about Steven Universe is that it’s not only a great story and fantastic animation, but it also manages to get me drawn into the characters. The way that these episodes progress are just fantastic, from the introduction of the characters right through to the end, there’s just so much to enjoy. Well, I’m going to share with you some free background design download ideas for your own Steven Universe stuff.

Fashioned Steven Universe Backgrounds

Steven Universe – Garnet’s gemstone comes in the form of the star-shaped gemstone, Amethyst. This is actually one of my favorite Steven Universe backgrounds as it gives her an old fashioned yet sophisticated look, almost reminiscent of an elegant lady. This free background design download comes in a light blue hue, perfect for the light era of Steven’s show, Steven Universe. You can add this gemstone into any scene or any frame of your choice and really give her a gemstone makeover.

Sophisticated Look Steven Universe Backgrounds

Another one of my favorite Steven Universe background designs comes from the planet named Earth. This Earth’s Background is one of vivid greens and reds, giving the world a very nice, tropical type vibe. It also goes well with the fact that Earth is the home of both the Crystal Gems and Peridot, two of the most important characters in the show. To add to the whole thing, the gemstones are all in the same color group, giving it even more definition, making this Earth background design very easy to blend into any type of surroundings. This is one of my favorite free background design download ideas for Steven Universe, especially since it’s so effective at recreating a Hawaiian like atmosphere.

Steven Universe Backgrounds – Why I Love Them So Much

Steven Universe backgrounds are an absolute hoot! I love these things. Every time I look at a Steven cartoon on television, I’m drawn to some sort of Steven Universe background. Some of them are so cute that they make me cry. I mean c’mon… what’s so adorable about those things? They’re just like… superheroes.

Favorite Steven Universe Backgrounds

Originally posted on Deviantart, Steven Universe backgrounds were drawn by many artists. I have even found some of my favorite pieces of art direction on Deviantart! (I swear, the people over at Deviantart are totally geniuses)

Drawing Steven Universe Backgrounds

If you enjoy drawing Steven Universe fan art or anime art, this is the perfect site for you to visit! You can find so much great information and even download free Steven Universe backgrounds! You can get wallpapers for all your devices and even have them in all the popular TV shows from Japanese TV series to the newest movie from Disney. If you are a Steven Universe fan, you will love all these great options for free Steven Universe background art backgrounds and more!ate me and make me want to learn more about the wonderful world that exists in this fantastic animated television series. If you have not yet checked out some of these episodes, why not do so! You won’t regret it. You’ll probably end up following the same pattern as I did, searching for interesting animation backgrounds, character designs, and hobbyist art direction ideas for your favorite shows. It’s so easy to get lost if you’re just after the top Steven Universe Backgrounds, but you have to remember that the quality of these episodes are what make it so special.

Download Hd Background Pictures Of Your Favorite Characters

Some of you may already be aware that the Steven Universe themes and the characters are loved by so many people. People from all walks of life are inspired by these wonderful themes and have collected them over the years in the form of wallpapers, icons and also screen savers. Many internet sites are now offering to give out free downloads of these Steven Universe backgrounds and here is a quick guide on how you can easily get them. All you need to do is type the words “Steven Universe backgrounds” into your search engine browser bar and hit the enter key. This should bring you to a list of various websites where you can download these wonderful wallpapers.

Steven Universe Backgrounds – Animated Wallpapers For Fans

New Tab turns into new tab to personalised themes with Steven Universe background graphics. Perfect for Steven Universe lovers. Choose from hundreds of great Steven Universe wallpapers to fit any occasion or mood, and the Steven Universe background graphics come in a number of resolutions and formats to help you choose the right one for your screen and device. Use these wonderful free images for background on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or other Android device.

This Selection Of Steven Universe Backgrounds

This selection of Steven Universe wallpapers is perfect for fans of the Steven Universe television show and its characters. Steven is a gem who travels across the universe, collecting and learning more about it as he goes. Each episode features a Steven Universe wallpaper background, so if you love this show, you are sure to have wallpaper featuring some of your favorite characters. These are some of my favorites among all of the Steven Universe wallpapers that I have seen and downloaded. Check them out!

Lot Of Steven Universe Backgrounds

There are a lot of different Steven Universe background designs available to choose from. Some are flat images that take up the entire screen, while others are high-resolution, artwork that can be displayed in a small window. The wallpapers come in several different sizes, too. They range in size from 9 megapixels to around 500 pixels wide, so even the smallest phones will be able to view the Steven Universe background images. There is no need to use a phone that might not even be powerful enough for the viewing of these beautiful pictures.

Different Steven Universe Backgrounds

Many of the Steven Universe wallpapers feature characters from the show, but there are also a number of concept images, such as the Gem Robot or the Galactic Onion. Concept images are interesting to look at, because they give you an idea of how the show will end up, and they give you an idea of the direction that the story is going to take. I especially like concept wallpapers, because many of them have a good deal of detail. They show off the fantastic animation and the fantastic special effects that the show is known for. These backgrounds come in a variety of sizes, too, so you can choose the exact dimensions that your phone’s screen will be.

Great Steven Universe Backgrounds

Another great thing about these Steven Universe wallpapers is that you can change the character’s outfit to match the wallpaper on your phone, too. For example, if you’re wearing a shirt with some character’s logo on it, you can change the wallpaper to have that character’s face plastered all over the place. You can use this to make your phone stand out from other phones. It might mean that people notice that you’re one of the only people who have this wallpaper, instead of your friends or family who might not have such a cool wallpaper. Or, it might mean that you have more character than your friends, because you have a wallpaper that really says something about you and your personality. I know that I love my character because his wallpaper is very colorful and unique, and it has pictures of him in it as well as his friends.

Unique Steven Universe Backgrounds

Some of these backgrounds are probably going to be hard to find, because they were not created by a professional, but there are some sites that have these Steven Universe backgrounds that you can download. In fact, some of these wallpapers have actually been created by the television show itself! In fact, some of the episodes actually used these backgrounds as a way to create the illusion that they were filming a scene in the writers room. You can see some examples of these backgrounds below. They were great fun to use.

Animation Steven Universe Backgrounds

If you’ve ever watched an episode of this show, or if you happen to know someone who does, these Steven Universe backgrounds are something that you should download right away. Not only will you be able to enjoy the amazing animation and the special effects, but you’ll also love the wallpapers, too. They’re just like having your own little fans at home!

Special Effects Steven Universe Backgrounds

If you happen to have a question about any Steven Universe wallpaper that you have seen on the Internet, just visit the Internet and take a look at the fan pages that have the same backgrounds as yours. Sometimes they’ll be completely different from what you have seen, too. This is another thing that you can enjoy when you have a free wallpaper of your favorite character! It doesn’t cost anything, and you’ll be creating something that looks just like the real thing, just from your computer desk.

Download Free Steven Universe Backgrounds

If you like the Stephen Universe series then you are in luck because you can download free backgrounds for your computer. These backgrounds come in a variety of different styles and sizes. There are even ones that are super small so they won’t take up much of your computer memory but will still look really good! Many people have asked if these are just stock photos or if they are licensed and thus available for purchase. Well, the answer is both!

Different Styles Steven Universe Backgrounds

As you can imagine, this has lead to a massive surge in downloads. The internet is always full of information about something and especially if it is a free wallpaper or a free background then the internet is swarming with information about this. The great thing about having these backgrounds available is that they have been designed by professionals who know how to create quality graphics so that they stand out from the crowd. Many people have requested these backgrounds, but they often end up getting them from sites that are not reputable. It is important to be careful when you go looking for these and as I mentioned before, downloading free background pictures online is a great way to get them!

Steven Universe Backgrounds Pictures

When you go to download free background pictures online, just be sure that the website is reliable. You can do a lot of damage to your computer if you accidentally download a virus or a pornographic advertisement. The last thing you want to do is compromise your computer with a virus so you better do some research before hand and make sure that you are downloading safe. With all that said, this has allowed everyone to get the wonderful backgrounds that they can use on their computer. If you like the Steven Universe series then you should definitely check out these backgrounds! They will definitely add some much needed character to your desktop.

The Wonderful World Of Steven Universe Backgrounds

If you love the wonderful world of Steven Universe and wish to enrich your viewing experience, you should certainly take a look at the wonderful Steven Universe background scenes available for download on the Internet. As an avid fan of the show, you likely have spent many hours admiring the wonderful pictures of the characters and marveling at the imagination and skill behind the artists who brought these wonderful images to life on the screen. Now you can enjoy all of the fun, too! Download free high quality backgrounds and images for use in your computer or TV and let the imagination run wild. It’s time to let your mind run wild.

Create Steven Universe Backgrounds

Have you seen the amazing Steven Universe wallpapers? These wallpapers are taken from the best drawings of Steven Universe done by artist Matt Myers. You can see the real expressions of the young Steven Universe fan that loves to create this masterpiece. Isn’t it great to have a unique wallpaper that is different from the other people around your home?

New Pictures Steven Universe Backgrounds

There are lots of sites on the internet that provide wonderful Steven universe backgrounds, and they are very easy to find. When you are looking for a site to provide you with great Steven Universe wallpapers, make sure that the site is updated regularly with new pictures. My favorite Steven Universe wallpaper is the one with the blue gem stone sitting on top of the beach with lightning bolts going down around it. Matt Myers has really out done himself this time with his fantastic art, and I think that Steven Universe fans will love these wonderful looking wallpapers.

Attractive Steven Universe Backgrounds

Check out my blog if you want to see more of my favorite Steven Universe wallpapers. I have plenty of pictures on this site for you to look at, and you will have fun trying to figure out which ones I have drawn. All of my favorite images are available as wallpapers free for download, so get ready to enjoy the amazing look that Steven Universe has to offer in his amazing cartoons. Have fun with it!

High Definition Steven Universe Backgrounds

The Steven Universe series is all about space, time and diversity. It shows that there’s much more to the universe than we can see with the naked eye. These backgrounds are just as beautiful as the picturesque drawings on the CDs but they’re presented in high definition. That means they’re in the most beautiful format you can find – picture perfect. You can choose from a huge selection of backgrounds!

Perfect Steven Universe Backgrounds

If you have any doubt about how good these Steven Universe backgrounds are, just take a look at some of the fan art you’ll find online. They’re gorgeous! Many fans are creating their own versions of the show’s backgrounds, complete with music, special effects and everything else you can imagine. It’s pretty awesome!

Professional Steven Universe Backgrounds

These are great, professional-looking choices for your Steven Universe party. But even if you don’t have a lot of time to devote to decorating for a party, you can still incorporate this theme into other parts of your event. Try turning a regular birthday cake into a Space Theme party centerpiece by having an astronaut emerge from the cake. You could also have a giant space ship emerges from the ocean. No matter how you decide to incorporate these themes, just be sure to use them in moderation because these are not light themes.

Steven Universe Backgrounds – Get The Best Basing Design Ideas

The Steven Universe fan community is abuzz with the latest exciting Steven Universe pictures and Steven Universe backgrounds! With the recent Steven Universe movie being such a hit, it’s no wonder that so much Steven Universe wallpapers are now available. These beautiful high-resolution images can be used for all of your personal digital devices and they look so real! Everyone in your family will want one or even all of them!

Steven Universe Backgrounds Ideas

So where do you find these amazing ideas for your Steven Universe background? You can go to Google and type in “Steven Universe backgrounds” or you can go to a photo shop store and pick out the pictures you like the best. But if you really want original ideas and great wallpapers for Steven Universe, then we recommend using a professional website that specializes in this type of personal digital wallpaper for you Steven Universe backgrounds aesthetic. Not only will a professional site feature a wide selection of superbly designed Steven Universe backgrounds, but they’ll have tons of other great ideas for backgrounds too, such as cool Steven Universe character designs, bandannas, action poses, fighting arenas, and more.

Combination Of Steven Universe Backgrounds

A good Steven Universe background is a combination of a top-notch picture with excellent art direction. This is why most people who create a Steven Universe picture find themselves becoming experts at creating great art direction drawings. You can tell an expert about a background by looking at how they draw the picture and you should take notice. Good art direction and great art designs will give you a beautiful background that will amaze your friends and loved ones. Don’t delay any longer, get your hands on some quality Steven Universe backgrounds for your computer or cell phone right now!

High Quality Steven Universe Backgrounds

Steven Universe backgrounds have proven themselves to be very popular among the audiences around the world. It has always been a top choice among all the Steven Universe fanatics who are looking for free high quality background pictures. Now you can download unlimited numbers of Steven Universe backgrounds to your liking. This high quality set of pictures is designed by the very talented Matt Smith and contain original art work by him.

Whether you like Steven Universe or like to draw or paint cartoons, you’re bound to find the right Background for your drawings and paintings that will really bring out their full potential. The good thing about it is that they are totally free to download, so all you have to do is pick the ones you want, download them to your computer and start using them! You’ll be happy to know that there are also many high quality Steven Universe backgrounds available for sale on the internet, but most of them are just stock art scans of the backgrounds used in the show, rather than actual backgrounds designed by artist or personally created by a fan of the show. Here are some tips on how to download quality Steven Universe background images for your use!

Do you know that one of the greatest backgrounds to use when creating a new site is none other than the Steven Universe backgrounds? If you ask me I will answer with a big NO because it’s just too cool and I think that a lot of our younger viewers would agree with me on this. When it comes to creating a new look for your site I always recommend that you use as many high quality picture backgrounds as you can, this is because these are very affordable and also they can last for a long time. Below I have listed some of the best Steven Universe backgrounds for your use.

For all of you who love Steven Universe, you are in luck, because we have some great free Steven Universe backgrounds available. We have many Steven Universe wallpapers to choose from and you are guaranteed to be spoiled for choice. You can get various Steven Universe images in the form of posters, flash movies, photo albums and even wallpapers. All of these are totally free and you can download as many as you want. Why not browse through the links in this article and find out where you can get these free wallpapers? Enjoy!

A number of the Steven Universe backgrounds are used in conjunction with expressions like, the Crystal Gems, Garnet and Peridot. Some of these designs are in two-tone variations and there is also a lava lamp version for Steven Universe. Steven Universe wallpaper 1920 pixels wide, 1080 pixels high and cell phone friendly for your personal computer desktop background. A very nice blog on Steven Universe background ideas and art.

Another very popular style is the Steven Universe Zaltiel design. This has an amazing detail and the colors are very vivid. This would make an excellent background for anime or cartoon watching. Cartoon lovers, especially kids will enjoy this amazing image. One of the most downloaded Steven Universe backgrounds, HD wallpaper images and freebies wallpapers.

Steven Universe Backgrounds – Customization Ideas

Steven Universe backgrounds are wonderful custom themes to personalize your web page or personal blog. They can be a great way to bring your personality into the mix of your Steven Universe artwork while still giving visitors something to see that will help keep them interested. The backgrounds are created by professional artists who work to bring you the most vibrant and detailed art possible. It’s the same high quality that made these background pieces so popular in the first place, so it’s no surprise that they continue to be a hit even today. From cartoons to movies to cartoons, you just can’t go wrong with customizing your web page with a Steven Universe background piece. Here are some quick tips to get you started.

Great Ideas For Your Favorite Character

Are you looking for Steven universe backgrounds? Well, it is actually easy to find them. It all depends on the kind of preferences that you have as a user. In general, you can use this website to browse and select the ones that you want to use as your Steven Universe backgrounds. These are the best options that you can use to get the best looks for the characters in the show. This will also help you select the most appropriate design ideas for the backgrounds that you will be using.

You can look for these types of backgrounds in the website and see for yourself. There are various categories that you can select from and you will surely be able to find the one that will match your preference. If you are a fan of the animated series, you can choose among the backgrounds that were designed for this show. You can also look for the designs that were inspired by the books that were written in this medium. This will definitely give you great design ideas that can make your Steven Universe experiences better and more enjoyable.

Aside from the categories that you can select, you can also look for the free sketches and designs that are posted in the website. These are usually available for a very short period of time. The good thing about these backgrounds is that they are mostly categorized according to the seasons and the episodes that they are related with. You can easily use these designs as your own Steven Universe backgrounds.