spongebob background painting

A spongebob background painting is the perfect way to add a little splash to your child’s room! This artwork is inspired by the cartoon series and features a background made to resemble an underwater setting, with cartoon flowers in the distance. It was created by artist Charles Russell Simmons, a citizen of the Cherokee Nation and a celebrated Native American artist. His background painting of the famous sponge has been used in many promotional videos, including those for the Nickelodeon TV channel.

If you want to add a comical element, you can paint Spongebob with a burger! The cartoon character likes to eat burgers, so you can paint him holding a burger. The same applies to his costumes, but you could also paint him in a cooking or eating mood. Another great idea for Spongebob background painting is to paint a picture of him eating a burger while drinking coffee. Using your imagination, you can add various elements of this cartoon to your room or phone case.


A bright and cheerful yellow background with an object in Mrs. Puff’s lighthouse is the background for Bold and Brash. It depicts the naked Squidward with no mouth, which is a caricature of him. This painting becomes an important art piece for SpongeBob after he gets a new job at the Adult Learning Center. However, Monty P. Moneybags mocks him and throws the painting away. SpongeBob then finds it in the Dump.