sky web page background

If you’re looking for a web page background, consider using an image of the sky. While sky backgrounds are often taken from space, they aren’t the most realistic. For example, you can’t expect your phone camera to capture the true color of the sky. So, you’ll need to improvise. You can still use a sky web page background that is representative of your company’s brand image.

For a free sky background, download one from a stock photo site like Unsplash. This community of photographers has made thousands of images of the sky available for free. Often, they can be cropped, edited, and overlaid with text. You can find many free sky backgrounds by searching for the term on Google. A sky background is a good choice for many purposes. Once you’ve found the one you like, simply crop and use the free download option.


A sky background can accentuate the overall design of your website. Many designers feel that using a stunning image of the sky is essential to the design. Whether you’re creating a simple website or a sophisticated website, sky backgrounds can provide a fresh touch to your design. And since sky backgrounds are so versatile, designers can use them for multiple purposes. The following examples of sky web page backgrounds may inspire your next design. Take a look!