How to Add an Anime background to Your Showcase

If you’d like to create your own custom showcase background, you can find 299 of them from the GraphicRiver global community of graphic designers for only $2 each. To get started, head to the settings menu and select the Assets tab. Next, click the “Edit” button next to Showcase background. In the Options field, click the “Settings” link and choose a style for the homepage. Then, click the preview button to see how your background will look on your website.

If you’d like to change the default backdrop of your showcase, click the ‘Settings’ button and select the ‘background‘ option. You can then choose a different color and design. In addition to choosing a different background, you can also add a video to your showcase. To add a video to your showcase, simply click on the ‘Assets’ tab. You can also add a title to your showcase, and customize its background.

How to Create a Showcase background


A showcase background will draw your attention and be a great selling point. GraphicRiver’s global community of graphic designers has created more than 299 designs for as low as $2! These backgrounds will look great on your website or in your presentation, and are perfect for displaying your products and services. You can use them for many different purposes. These designs will also look great on powerpoints and posters. They’re also a great way to highlight your brand.