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Shiva is the god of life and energy. He is often depicted with a blue throat, because he drank halahala poison, which was created when the gods and demons started churning the ocean. The poison was kept in his throat and stomach, where the three worlds dwell. Shiva usually wears animal skins, and is often seen holding a trident, which represents the trimurti. The sacred river Ganges flows from his hair, and he is also often depicted with a cobra to show his dominance over one of the most powerful animals in the world.


Lord Shiva is the principal Hindu deity. He is the supreme being in the Shaivism tradition. The puranas mention over a thousand names for him, but the most popular ones are Mahadeva, Mahamrityunjaya, Omkara, and Pushkara. All of these names are popular names of Shiva, but his most prominent name is the most important – he transforms the universe.