10 Beautiful Wallpaper ideas

A shattered background can be a great addition to any photograph. Whether it’s a sweeping landscape with a golden hill and a sharp shattered stone on it, or an autumn scene of a red hill and a snowy mountain silhouette in the golden sunlight, you can find the perfect shattered background to add to any picture. Here are 10 examples of the best shattered picture images for your needs:

How to Find a Prism background


Searching for a prism wallpaper is easy – just type in the word “prism” into Google and you will be rewarded with many results. These backgrounds can be useful for your digital photography projects. They can be used to add a bit of whimsy to a photo. Alternatively, you can use a shattered background as the base for a painting. Regardless of the method you use to find the perfect prism background, you will always find one that works.

The Air Jordan 1 “Shattered Background” is an amazing colorway for a modern website or design. Inspired by a memorable Michael Jordan dunk from 1985, this abstract and minimalistic design is ideal for websites or landing pages. This color scheme is also available in high resolution. It is royalty-free and available in vector graphics. This is a great choice for a landing page, logo design, or other design project.