3D Design background – Sandstone

Sandstone is a geological rock type that is mostly composed of quartz and feldspar. These are the most resistant minerals to weathering processes. Because of their impurities, sandstone can take on any color, though it tends to be tan or brown. For this reason, sandstone has become associated with certain regions. For example, the Nubian Sandstone of North Africa is Mesozoic in age, and is made up of a series of layers of sand.

High Quality Sandstone Wallpaper ideas


Sandstones are an important type of sedimentary rock that form in ancient oceans. They constitute ten to twenty percent of Earth’s sedimentary record. Sandstones are remarkably resistant to erosion, and they have shaped the Earth’s landscape. They form broad plateaus and plains and are the backbone of mountain ranges. They are also important sources of metallic ores. While they may be overlooked as a geological background, they are one of the most important types of sedimentary rocks for interpreting Earth’s history.