3D Design Backgrounds For Printers

For a high-impact background, printers choose a white or off-white background. This choice is a practical one, as white paper has a high degree of contrast. Unlike most materials, however, it is not a good idea to use a white stock on a colored background, since the ink will be reflected on the surface of the background. Also, a white stock is less expensive than colored ones.

Benefits of Using a Printer Paper background


There are many benefits to using a printer paper background. It is easy to find a white printer paper and tape it somewhere you want it to show through. Printed images are also more versatile than plain white, and can feature more than one color, textured surfaces, and even photographic backgrounds. It is also great for letting your images or brand colors shine through. Whether you’re designing a logo or a promotional brochure, a printed background can make your work more eye-catching.