plumeria background

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Plumeria is a genus of plants named after Charles Plumier, a 17th-century French botanist and member of the Franciscan Order of Minims, an order of Roman Catholics with strict rules regarding diet and behavior. While Charles Plumier had some background in math, he ultimately pursued botany and became one of the most important botanical explorers of his time. However, his botanical research was not limited to plants.


The plumeria tree is a small shrub or tree with a narrow girth. It may be as high as five meters tall, or as small as one foot wide. Its bark is grey-brown and its flowers are waxy. Plumeria has a milky white sap that is poisonous. In addition, the leaves are different colors. A plumeria plant is sometimes found with rusting on the back of its leaves.


In the Philippines, plumeria flowers are associated with funerals. The flower is also called caaNpaa chapa in the local language. The Philippines and Malaysia consider plumeria an unlucky flower. They believe that ghosts live in its branches. It is also considered sacred in Laos, where it is called the national flower. In Laos, the plumeria flower symbolizes dedication. So, you can use plumeria background as an ornamental plant for your home.


The range of the plumeria has extended far beyond its original geography. People often confuse it with a native of Hawaii, but it is actually endemic to the Caribbean Basin. It was also cultivated throughout tropical regions before trans-oceanic travel was documented. This is important to know since plumerias are not native to the islands. However, their history is fascinating. In addition to their Hawaiian name, plumeria is also known by other names like gardenia, pikake, and puakenikeni.


The plumeria flower was a highly valued plant to the Mesoamericans. It was also used in religious rituals in Hindu, Buddhist, Balinese, and Swahili cultures. Its scientific name is Plumeria, and all varieties of Frangipani fall under the Plumeria genus. Because it is so closely related to frangipani, Plumeria has become synonymous with tropical flowers.


The flower of the plumeria can be white, yellow, orange, or a combination of colors. In Indian culture, white is the best choice for declaring love, whereas red is not. Other uses include producing plumeria perfume oil, decorative purposes around temples and houses, and as a landscape plant. Scientists are also studying plumeria for its potential to treat cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. If you are planning a plumeria background for your project, make sure to visit our website today.