Background Picture Idea – People Talking in the background

Many games have a way of playing with the ambient sound of a crowd. This is where you hear people talking in the background. Usually, you will hear this in video games. In some cases, you can hear the sounds of a conversation in a crowd when playing a video game. The noise that they make is considered ambient. The people talking in the background can be unintelligible to a person with hearing loss.

The Sound of People Talking in the background


The sound of people talking in the wallpaper is known as BG (background noise). This type of sound is not intelligible but it can be distracting. Besides, background noises can also be annoying. These noises are not synchronized with the picture but can indicate the setting to the audience. Examples of background sounds include the buzzing of fluorescent lights, forest sounds, or car interiors. The sound of people talking in the backgrounds is also known as BS.