Beautiful Wallpaper ideas For Pellikuduku

Pellikuduku is a traditional Indian celebration of marriage. A bride and a groom wear their traditional wedding attire during the ceremony. The bride and groom wear red and blue lehenga and the Pellikuturu is traditionally done in a blue bandhgala. The Pellikoduku background decoration helps set the mood for the Pellikoduku. The Pellikuturu is an important part of the wedding celebration.

Pellikuturu, Pellikoduku, and Mehendi


Pellikuturu, Pellikoduku, and Mehendi are traditional ceremonies held in the homes of the couple. Often, the bride and groom are separated by distances, so this custom helps people feel comfortable and at ease. Many couples use a red lehenga for the Pellikoduku background decoration. A blue bandhgala is a traditional choice for the Pellikuturu background decoration.