pale pink and grey background

This white dogwood blossom on a pale pink and grey background is a perfect canvas for your next canvas art project. An artist living and working in British Columbia, Canada, James Wiens studied printmaking and painting at Emily Carr College of Art & Design in Vancouver. He has since applied the same work ethic he learned on his family farm to his successful 30 year career as a professional artist. James Wiens is devoted to his wife, children and extended family.

Pale pink is tricky to use in design. When used alone, it can evoke a child’s bedroom. To avoid this, ground lighter pink shades with darker shades like black or grey. Remember that a high contrast can make your space look too intense, so add tonal shades to make the color blend more smoothly. Incorporate more neutral shades into your design scheme and play with pink tones. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much lighter shades work.


If you’d like to add a playful touch to your baby’s nursery, consider using wallpaper in a bright, contrasting pink. Pink damask wallpaper is an especially striking choice. This wallpaper’s striped pattern blends with a soft, pastel pink background to create a stylish and fun look. In a girly nursery, the pale pink and grey background will calm the environment. However, if you prefer a more neutral, monochromatic look, you can choose pastel pink for the walls.