A Purple Seahorse on a Red background

An original oil painting of a purple seahorse on a red wallpaper is available. These tropical fish paintings are an ideal choice for coastal decorating, bathroom or kitchen wall decor. These colorful paintings are painted with a palette knife and feature a variety of vibrant colors. You’ll love the fun, vibrant artwork and will want to display it on your walls. The heart is a white seahorse on a red ground.

Choosing a painting on red wallpaper is a challenge. This colour scheme combines a dark foreground and a light middle ground, making it tricky to choose the correct colour scheme for your piece. For example, if you want to paint a red sunset over the ocean, you should use the complementary colours of sap green, ultramarine blue, and indigo. These will increase the brightness and visual projection of the foreground area.

Painting on Red background – Beautiful Wallpaper ideas


When painting on a red background, it can be helpful to use a ground color, such as linseed oil. This will prevent wet and dry colors from mixing. This can also help separate colors that may mix, especially if you are painting on a large canvas. The right ground color can also provide a lot of contrast to shadow and white colors, which can be beneficial for landscape paintings. The right ground color will also show up through painted brush marks, which gives the painting more unity.

This original oil painting of a purple seahorse on a red wallpaper is sure to brighten any wall. This colorful tropical fish piece is perfect for a kitchen, bathroom, or cafe, or even for coastal decorating. Painted with a palette knife, this piece is vibrantly colored and will add a unique touch to your decor. The artist used oil paints in a loose, wavy pattern to achieve this look.