orb background

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The Orb’s first studio album, Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld, was released in July 2006. All subsequent studio albums were released in expanded two-CD editions. The group’s subsequent studio records include U.F.Orb, Pomme Fritz EP, Orbus Terrarum, Orblivion, and Cydonia. The band has also released BBC Radio 1 sessions in late 2008.


While Orb and Rin are closely associated during previtellogenesis, Orb concentrates in the oocyte. Rin accumulates in the follicle cells and cortical cytoplasm of nurse cells. In vitellogenesis, Orb and Rin accumulate along the oocyte cortex, although they are not associated closely. Both proteins accumulate in the oocyte cortex during the early stages of ovulation. A co-immunoprecipitation study will be needed to understand their roles in the regulation of protein accumulation.