A Nutcracker With A White Wallpaper is A Great 3d background

This Christmas Nutcracker wallpaper is easy to use and can be adapted for a variety of projects. It comes in both red and white, making it ideal for projects that require pink, red, and white. It is also very aesthetically pleasing. This particular design is made entirely from Beech Wood. It is 5201px by 3436px in size, so it can be easily scaled to any size you need.

A nutcracker with a white background would be a great choice for any design project. Its classic walnut shape would go well with a variety of projects that call for the color of walnut. This nutcracker will give you plenty of options. It also has a beautiful red and yellow sail. It’s perfect for projects that feature a nativity scene or a child holding a stuffed nativity nut.

A Christmas Nutcracker on a White background


A Christmas Nutcracker on a white wallpaper is an attractive design which repeats horizontally and vertically. The pattern is available in two different colours and is very easy to modify and colour. The design also features toy soldier figures. This nutcracker is an EPS10 vector file so you can export it in any size that you require. It is also available in a black and white version to use as a textured background.