Beautiful Wallpaper ideas For Newsprint Paper backgrounds

When creating a newspaper page, using a newsprint paper wallpaper is a good option. Newsprint is an excellent choice for background designs as it offers a textured, matte finish that is easy to clean. The downside to using newsprint is that it doesn’t support gradients. The paper’s gamut is quite limited and it’s easy for colors to shift on it. Using a dramatic color shift is better than a gradual one. For example, a 10% – 20% black gradient will look like ink starvation. But, a 25% – 75% or even a 0% – 100% color gradient will work fine.

If you’re creating a poster or brochure with a newsprint paper background, you’ll need to know the basics of color theory. For the most part, newsprint has a narrow color gamut, so you’ll need to stick to a few colors and avoid gradients. In fact, gradients on this type of paper should be dramatic. A 10% to 20% black gradient can look like ink starvation, while a 25% to 75% black gradient may look like an error. A 100% black gradient, for example, will be a mistake. A white to black gradient will work, but it’s best to avoid using more than two colors.