mustard background

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Colonel Mustard is a highly decorated, successful, and popular military officer. However, he is accused of treason and black market dealings. He believes that his blackmailer has been paying someone else to keep the evidence silent. This makes him vow to find the blackmailer and exact vengeance on him. Throughout the book, we’ll see how Mustard’s unique background can help you discover more about the story behind this popular hero.


The origins of mustard can be traced back to the Romans, who first blended unfermented grape juice and mustard seeds. They called the resulting mixture “burning juice.” This spread throughout Roman-conquered territories, and mustard became an important source of income for monasteries. In the 13th century, the French town of Dijon became the home of prepared mustard. Pope John XXll encouraged the preparation of mustard and created the position of Grand Moustardier du Pape, which means “Idle Nephew.”