lollipop candy background

Lollipop candy has an interesting history. According to legend, the first lollipops were created by cavemen who sucked honey from beehives with sticks. Other earliest precursors of the modern lollipop were the ancient Chinese and Arabs, who made their confections by swirling local honey into nuts and fruit. In the early twentieth century, mass production of sugary sweets began. Today, the lollipop is the most popular type of confection in the world, and their creation dates back to the beginning of time.

You can use this Lollipop Candy background in design projects and other media. This free vector art is available in high quality JPEG format and has a resolution of 5000 x 3334 pixels. It is available in various sizes and can be downloaded for personal and commercial use. Lollipops have long been a popular sweet treat and are produced by companies such as Spangler Candy Company. Their production rates can reach three million lollipops a day.