Using a Lighted Wall background to Create a Unique Ambiance

The lighting effect that a lighted wall can create is a great addition to any production. Depending on the style of your production, you can use various lights or just a single light source. If you want a softer, more even light, you can use a diffused light source. A good rule of thumb is to use two lights – one in the center and one on each side – so that the wallpaper is evenly illuminated.

If you want to create an ambient and unique environment in your home or office, a lighted wall wallpaper is the perfect choice. This motion graphic has triangular light panels that are arranged in patterns. The pattern is created using flashing lights and blinking shapes. It is an ideal choice for events, club visuals, stage designs, and music videos. It is available in HD resolution. You can use it as a Image for your music video and can purchase music and font to make it match the rest of your design.