Avoid These Mistakes When Writing Your Invention Background

The Patent Office wants to see your invention background paragraph discuss prior art, but not what it is. There are some ways to describe prior art, but you shouldn’t cite the details in your document. Many inventors face problems when they lock in to a structural feature or trivialize their own invention. Instead, you should highlight its deficiencies and explain how your idea is better. The following are some common mistakes to avoid when writing your invention background paragraph.

Invention backgroundbackground Picture Idea


One of the most important parts of an invention wallpaper is the prior art. Prior art is the work of others in a particular field and can be a significant obstacle to your invention. The purpose of the background paragraph is to provide context for your invention, including its context and any prior art that might apply. There are several different types of pictures, and the best ones are those that do not describe the prior art as such. This makes it easier for the Patent Office to assess whether your invention is novel and unique.