Best Free Instagram Background Images

One of the most popular choices for an Instagram background is water. It can be in the form of a pool, a bucket, or a lake. Using water as a background can get you up to 24% more likes. If you don’t have access to a pool, use water from a nearby lake or river. You can also use photos of flowers, grass, and mountains as a background. Using nature as a background can make your photos look soothing to the eyes.

Color gradient

The Instagram Stories interface allows you to change the background color scheme on your stories. You can use the background color picker to choose any color gradient that fits your style. The app offers eight color gradients to choose from. Solid colors aren’t available, but you can choose from pink-orange, blue-orange, orange-yellow, purple-pink, or rainbow gradients.

To change the gradient’s angle, click on the “rotate” icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. This tool is also useful when adding more than one photo or video. It lets you change the order of the colours to create a more eye-catching background. You can even use the colour picker to create gradients from different shades.

Color gradients are also available in Instagram stories, where you can add them to text, stickers, or pictures. To create a story, first open the creator by swiping right and tapping the plus (+) icon. Next, tap “STORY”. When you have your story open, you will see the background gradients cycle.

You can also create a highlight cover using an image and brand color. Another option is to use the RecurPost feature, which schedules your Instagram stories at the best time of the day. You can customize the Instagram story background by choosing a brand color from the camera roll. The Instagram story dropper tool will also match the color of your text to your branding.

Solid color

One great way to make your Instagram feed posts stand out is by using a solid color background. You can choose the color from your camera roll, or you can use preset colors. Once you have chosen the color you want, you can choose your text and emojis. This will make it easier for your followers to identify your posts.

Instagram also has a story feature where you can change the background of your story. This feature is extremely helpful if you want to share updates with family and friends. It also lets you use stickers, GIFs, and music to make your stories more engaging. You can also change the background to have more than one color, which will help keep your story engaging. This feature is one of the most popular features of the app.

Another cool feature of a solid color background is that you can put any photo you choose on top of it. You can even add text or stickers to your story. This way, your followers will be able to see your story without seeing the entire background. Adding text and stickers will also help your stories stand out.


Using your own flooring as an Instagram background is an excellent way to create a more unique image. There are so many different colours, textures and designs to choose from. Pay close attention to the floorings you walk on every day, and use them as inspiration for your photos. Another option is to purchase a painting or make one yourself. There are so many designs and possibilities that it’s hard to find just one!

Eraser tool

Instagram has a variety of tools you can use to customize the look of your photos. Its background eraser tool, for example, makes it possible to change the background color of your photos without having to edit the original photo. This tool is the fifth icon from the left. It also helps you insert text and hashtags, among other things.

Instagram also includes custom color palettes that you can use to add pops of color to your photos. Changing the background color of an Instagram story can be as easy as choosing a color from a palette. To do so, simply use the color dropper tool on the far left of the color slider. Alternatively, you can also use the eraser tool to retouch an image.

Another tool is the Instagram story eraser tool, which lets you remove a layer of color to reveal an image underneath. It works with both photos and videos. To use the Instagram story eraser, simply upload a photo or video to Instagram. Once you have done so, you can choose the color you want to remove. You can also adjust the size of the tool to create the desired effect.

If you don’t want to use the Instagram background eraser tool, you can also use Adobe Express to remove the background of your images. This tool works in a web browser. You can upload an image, select the background you want to remove, and the program will do the rest. Then, you can customize the cutout using the preset templates.

Another free option is PicMonkey. This tool offers a one-click background eraser and is free to use. It is easy to use and provides a smooth cutout of the background. Also, it offers unlimited uploads. These are just a few of the free options available. You can try it for yourself today!