Animated Hut background

The hut is a primitive form of human architecture that was used by early European settlers and Maori for shelter from the rain. Its cultural significance is now deeply rooted in New Zealand’s history and is a widely recognized symbol of rural living. The most common forms of huts today include the simple but functional wooden houses used for living and shelter from the elements. They also serve as animal control pens and are used by backpackers and other roving populations.

Hut is a word with many origins, one of the most common being in Asia. The name hut originally meant a small, temporary structure. However, it has come to mean much more, ranging from multi-story buildings to structures with indoor plumbing and comfortable heating. Today, huts are used for more than just dwelling. A Filipino stilt house, for example, is made of bamboo with palm fronds for roofing. Similarly, in rural Siberia, a Balok is a log-made shack used by a group of hunters and herders. Some huts are mobile, too.