Beautiful Gecko Wallpaper ideas

Geckos are a popular pet in all continents except Antarctica. Their varied habitats have allowed them to develop unique adaptations. One of these adaptations is their tails. These are a unique combination of sharp and flat edges that allow them to balance their body weight on branches, act as fuel tanks for fat storage, and even function as camouflage. Because their tails are so flat and sharp, geckos can be difficult to spot, but they are also very effective when escaping from predators.

A gecko background can make a simple or elaborate design. This image features millions of hairy structures called setae that are only a few millimeters long, making them a little thinner than human hair. The spatula on a gecko’s leg are very sharp and bend when they apply stress in a specific angle. These setsae are sharp edges that are not easily bent. When geckos make contact with a surface, they create a force known as Van der Waals. This is how they produce a strong, powerful grip.