Beautiful Wallpaper ideas For a Fancy Marble Background

If you want a fancy marble background, you can choose from two main types: Calcutta and Cappuccino. Each has different color variations and patterns, but they are both characterized by their light or dark veining. Calcutta is a grayish white with subtle and irregular veining, while Cappuccino is a beige colored stone with deep and uniform veining. For a background with darker colors, you can choose between Cappuccino and Calacatta.

You can create a fancy marble background by choosing an image with a gradient style. This new design element is suitable for websites and is easy to apply. It is an excellent option for creating website backgrounds and can be used in many other applications. It is also an excellent choice for creating present wrapping and wedding invitations. To use this background, you should choose an image with a high resolution. You can also crop the image. These images are great for logos, branding and digital design projects.