Beautiful Wallpaper ideas

If you want to use an eggshell as a background on a decoupage project, you’ll need to clean it before using it. This will prevent it from sticking to the medium. Soak the shell overnight in bleach or antibacterial soap. Once it is clean, you can use it to create a variety of designs on your project. Once the shells are cleaned, they should be stored in a baggy until you are ready to use them.

An eggshell wallpaper is a perfect backdrop for bright red typography. During the study, we found that an eggshell background was significantly more contrasted between clutches compared to the nest background. Moreover, the contrasts were repeatable within and between clutches. The differences in brightness and colour between individual clutches could indicate a signalling role for eggshell coloration. We also observed that the brightness and colour of the eggshells were related to the occurrence of other eggs in the nest.