dodge logo background

The history of the Dodge logo can be traced back to 1962. The first logo featured three black elements: a star, a letter “D,” and a world map. This was a symbolic representation of the company’s international ambitions. The logo evolved over the years to become much simpler and more modern. The “Dodge” wordmark, executed in a custom font with smooth lines, replaced the company’s previous ornate and cluttered logo.

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The first version of the Dodge logo featured a six-pointed star. The star is supposed to symbolize the company’s worldwide fame. The star is surrounded by a black ring saying “Dodge Brothers Motor Vehicles”. It’s possible that the designers were trying to evoke the original Dodge logo, which featured a six-pointed star. That’s why it is often referred to as the “Fratzog” logo.


Since Ram trucks were spun off from Dodge in 2010, the company decided to use the ram’s head logo to differentiate them. The head became standard for the Ram truck in 1996. Eventually, the head became a trademark of its own, and the nameplate was used for all vehicles. While the logo is still considered a classic, it has undergone several evolutions in its history. So what are the latest changes to the Dodge logo?


The Dodge brothers company was originally founded in 1900 and became a leading automaker in the United States. The company was initially a supplier of parts to Detroit automakers but later turned to building complete automobiles. The first Dodge Brothers vehicles came out in 1914, predating the creation of the Chrysler Corporation. The Dodge factory in Hamtramck, Michigan remained the main production facility until it closed in the 1980s. Founders John Francis Dodge and Horace Elgin died of the Spanish flu pandemic, and the company was sold to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles in 1928.


During its history, the Dodge brand underwent several ownership changes. In the 1920s, Dodge was the third-best selling automobile manufacturer in the world. In the following decade, however, the company began to decline, and by 1928, the brand had fallen to seventh place in the U.S. market. Despite all these changes, the Dodge logo remains a popular one. While there are a variety of variations in the background of the logo, the classic blue, red, and orange design is still an iconic symbol of the company.


In 1939, Dodge restyled its pickups and trucks. This new concept was known as the “Job-Rated” truck. The company also produced light trucks in Warren, Michigan. After World War II, Dodge introduced its first civilian four-wheel drive model. These vehicles were called “Power Wagons,” and were based on military design. The Charger was launched on the same platform. It’s hard to imagine life without the Dodge brand, so many of us have fond memories of the past.