database background

It may seem counterintuitive to create a database without a background. But, there are some key differences between a database and a Data Lake. The main difference is that a Data Lake decouples storage from compute, whereas a traditional database’s storage is tightly coupled with its computing servers. The initial Hadoop-based Data Lakes included both storage and compute. Then, when they added additional storage, the Cloud-based storage stepped in.

The GC includes fallback themes for club defaults, the club top-level background, and application defaults. Those are just some of the front-end features. Adding a background can make these features stand out. But before we dive in, let’s review the features. First, let’s look at the Clubs Index and Members pages. The Clubs Members and Topics pages will use the default GC image. Similarly, the Streams and Misc Core Features pages will use the default theme/cs settings.


An Oracle database uses processes. A process is an operating system mechanism. A background process, in this case, is a thread of execution within a process. Each database user’s application runs a database application. The application then issues SQL statements. The database code then interprets the SQL statements. It also monitors other processes running on the system. In some cases, the Oracle database can support as many as 36 database writer processes, which are known as “backgrounds”.