Facts You Need to Know About the Canada Flag

background A Canada flag is a national flag of Canada. The flag consists of a red field with a white square in the center, and a stylized 11-pointed maple leaf. The Canada flag has been the national emblem of Canada since its adoption by both houses of Parliament. Its first official appearance was February 15, 1965, when the monarch of Canada officially proclaimed it as the nation’s official symbol. In addition to its official use, the flag is also the most distinctive icon of Canada.

A Canada flag has been used as the national symbol of Canada since the country’s confederation in 1867. Its primary colours are red and white, and feature a stylized eleven-pointed maple leaf in the center. The Canadian flag has been officially adopted by both houses of parliament and has become the most popular national symbol in the country. Its use as a design for national symbols has been controversial. Here are the facts you need to know about the Canadian flag.

The Symbolism Behind the Canadian Flag

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