3D Design background – Brown Rustic background

A light brown rustic wood wallpaper is a wonderful choice for your next portrait session. It has a unique wood grain pattern with light swirls and wavy lines, as well as some knots. The colors of the wood are more dark toward the top and bottom, and lighter in the middle. In the center, there is a small knot in the wood. A large white dot fills the frame. This backdrop has a matte finish and comes shipped in a tube.

A Brown Rustic Image for Your Photography Projects


The brown rustic wallpaper is an ideal choice for your photography projects. This image is free to download, and it features a wood pattern with five grommets. If you want to increase your options for hanging, you can purchase extra grommets and a Westcott X-Drop frame. The canvas wallpaper is free of reflections and offers a matte finish, making it perfect for studio and location settings. It comes in a tube, which is easy to store and transport.