Pro Tips for Designing Your Bookcase Background

Most of the time, bookcase furniture is comprised of either glass or wooden slats which are attached to the sides and back of the case in order to keep the books in place. But when it comes to adding some character to your bookcase, you’ll definitely want to consider putting a little more effort into your design. For example, a simple glass slat border around the shelves can do wonders, blending into the walls or even hiding away a shelf or two. Another lowy favorite for bookcase borders is a mesh cloth running along the entire top and sides of the shelves, again blending in with the walls and possibly hiding some books you’d like to display.

One more excellent idea that’ll really add a sense of character to your bookcase is using free wall mural patterns. Most wall murals are relatively easy to make yourself (even with the help of a few home photos and a few freehand stitches), and they can be reproduced on any number of different size and shape canvasses. You can choose to include just the mural in the bookcase, or you can choose to create a free standing mural all around the shelves and sides of the shelves, as well as a free standing mural on top of the bookcase itself. Creating murals for your bookcase doesn’t require as much skill as it does imagination; all it takes is a little imagination and the ability to choose an interesting pattern and a couple of colors that will go with your walls and furniture. When you’re finished, simply print off the image and use it as a guide to cut your own murals for free!

In addition to helping give your bookcase a more interesting look, high quality bookcase backgrounds also help create a more inviting environment for your home office. You can’t wait to see everyone walking in from the outside when you open the door, and you know that everyone will immediately turn to their computers to do their work. When your visitors step into your home office, they expect to immediately find themselves in the way of a computer screen. When your bookcase has a beautiful backdrop, however, they instantly feel welcome, at least until they get to the bookshelves. The beautiful background they see when they enter your home office will definitely increase your bookcase credibility and make your home office more conducive to working.

Pro Tips for Designing Your Bookcase Background

Bookcase Picture design can reveal much about a person’s character and interests. As we all know, a bookcase is usually the focal point of any library. But with a variety of bookshelves existing in any home, finding one to match your tastes can be quite a challenge. The truth is, most bookcases are often neglected by the writer as view the bookcase contents only for a momentary glimpse into the writer s life or character. So what exactly does your bookcase background represent you? How can you get such an authentic look without being too cluttered, composed, and affective?

One tomasetti bookcase background idea that has become quite popular is the one that shows the photographer at work. A photo of you (possibly taken while on assignment) appears on the tomasetti bookcase and makes it the center of attention. The effect is both intriguing and charming. A simple design like this can make a real statement. Another pro tip is that you can always change the photos every so often so they don’t appear out of place.

The final in this series is a tomasetti bookcase background with a twist. The top half is a photo of you as a child, placed in the mid-carpet area. On the lower half, you’re dressed up for the job, with your high school classmates and other personal items on display. The effect is somewhat amusing, yet sentimental, portraying Betsey Smothers as a young woman ready to embark on her career, as well as a young woman overcome with peer pressure. The personal items in the foreground make the display look very professional and neat.

A Pro Tip on Using Bookcase Backgrounds & Bookshelves to Sell Your Personal Items

What exactly does your bookcase Background mean to you? Do you like to be unique when it comes to design, appearance, and overall feel of your home? Would you love to create a sense of mystery for potential buyers that will make them stop to read or think about where their next great purchase will come from? What would you want your bookcase to say about you as a person and/or what do you hope to accomplish with this particular decorating style?

The use of bookcase backgrounds in home decorating is to add personality and depth to otherwise normal and ordinary interior designs. It’s used more than you might think and although the idea may seem a little outdated now, it’s actually been a popular choice among interior designers for many years. So, what does your bookcase background really say about you and your preferences? How can you get an authentic but less cluttered, designed to look, but not affecting and perhaps not overly busy?

Here’s a pro tip: Instead of going with a generic, busy bookcase background that features standard clear shelves and evenly distributed weights with no frills, go with a unique, artistic design that gives off the impression that there is some thought and effort put into this project. I know, it sounds kind of silly, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, though, you won’t be going out of your way to make this particular design “stand out” in a way that’s obvious just because you’re going with a clear bookcase with evenly spaced shelves and weights. A tomasetti bookcase Background is much more interesting and unique than a typical clear shelf look and its eye-catching appeal will certainly leave a lasting impression on the buyer, who may not even notice it while browsing through their purchases at first glance.