Anime background – What is a Bon Bon?

A bon background can be used to decorate a child’s room. These sweet treats are not often found in the frozen food aisle, but they are available for sale at specialty food stores. Some companies sell chocolate covered candies with fillings. The popular television show, Friends, featured Lucy Ricardo stuffing chocolates into her mouth. In the show, a boy named Charlie puts two pieces of candy in his mouth, one for each of his parents, and one for his little sister.

A bon is a small candy ball, usually made of chocolate covered almonds, that looks like a mini-pavlova. This confection is not found in the frozen food aisle. There are several companies that make chocolate-covered candies with fillings. Lucy Ricardo is a famous character in a popular episode of the sitcom, “Murder on the Orient Express.” In the show, she stuffs the balls of chocolate into her mouth, so a fictional housewife would be consuming them in French style.