A Black Urban Wallpaper is Often Associated With Marginalized Groups

A black urban wallpaper is often associated with marginalized groups, such as African Americans. In the southern United States, the term Blackground is common in public transportation, such as on a school bus or city bus. It is not due to racial segregation, but rather by choice of the teens, who are unaware of the consequences of their presence. Inequitable power structures and a lack of job opportunities are often the reasons for blackground.

The black urban background has a rich history, which has been shaped by the experience of African Americans in the United States. While many of them moved north for job opportunities, many were relegated to the city’s central areas. As a result, policies such as redlining made it difficult for black people to live in certain neighborhoods. In 1990, 57 percent of all black Americans lived in central cities. In the Midwest and Northeast, 95 percent were located in metropolitan areas.