black lips background

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It’s interesting to know the history of makeup products, and black lipstick is no exception. Although it is associated with the Kardashians and goths, this trend actually goes back many centuries. In fact, the history of black lipstick is quite varied. Its association with high-class glamour and gothic fashion is not the only interesting thing about this shade of lipstick. Rather, it’s more about its versatility than its association with a particular look.


The band’s sound is a blend of garage-style punk rock and Southern rock. After their 1999 debut, they quickly gained a reputation as one of the wildest bands in the Peach State. Their albums, Let It Bloom, Good Bad Not Evil, and The Peach State, document their early work and live shows. The band also experimented with studio sounds on Arabia Mountain and Underneath the Rainbow. They also collaborated with Sean Lennon, who produced their album Satan’s Graffiti Or God’s Art?