Fix Black Desktop Background Images Using Third-Party App

Black Desktop Images Problem When you are working with Windows Vista, most probably your PC has a problem with the black desktop Images. That is why you need to know some good solution on how to fix the problem as soon as possible. The common problem of having the black screen with your PC is because of third party applications that you installed in your Windows system recently for setting desktop wallpapers. So, the main cause of black screen appearing unexpectedly when you install a new wallpaper is due to the unwanted third party applications that you have installed in your PC. However, fixing the desktop Imagess is not as difficult as you think because you can fix it by using free desktop wallpapers download and Donwload HD Background pictures.

The main reason why your PC displays a black screen with some graphics when you are using Windows Vista is due to the improperly executed graphics drivers. Graphics card drivers are responsible in providing you excellent viewing experience in your computer by processing all the required data from your CPU including graphics and color representation and then providing you with vibrant, original and smooth images and visual elements in your monitor display. However, this driver needs to be properly and appropriately updated whenever the operating system upgrades.

Therefore, if you want to fix the problem of black desktop Images in Windows Vista, you need to use free software that can repair the damaged graphics drivers in your PC. This is very easy to do because all you need to do is to download the free software that is available online and then installation it to your Windows desktop. This application will detect all the damaged graphics driver in your PC and will repair them with its own customized solution. Furthermore, you need not spend even a single penny because this is also free software available online; hence, you don’t have to worry about downloading a separately purchased application. After installation, your PC will display a black screen with some symbols when you start Windows Vista; this problem can be easily fixed with the help of the custom graphics driver update software.

How to Fix a Black Desktop Images Problem on Your Computer

The common black desktop Images issue is due to third-party software that you install either on your Windows desktop for setting personalized wallpapers or for creating unique designs for your operating system. So, the main reason for black screen appearing while you set a wallpaper is either due to the third-party software you have installed for yourself or to the wallpaper you have selected and hence, you need to get rid of it by using free HD wallpaper pictures available on the Internet. There are a number of websites offering free of cost HD wallpapers of various sizes and shapes that are easily useable by downloading them from the Internet and can be used for your personal computer or laptop to get the look you desire. You can download one from the following sites:

When you have downloaded the file, it needs to be converted into a Photoshop file that can be used to create your own black screen background image. The software used for this conversion is adobe Photoshop. You have to open a new Photoshop document in order to do this job and once you are done with it, save the file to be used as a desktop Images image. The file name may vary depending on the size of your chosen picture but you can always change it after the conversion.

The next thing that needs to be done is to find a clip art that can serve as a base to the black desktop Images image that we want to add to our desktop. We can choose a picture from an online photo album such as Flicker, Picasa, or Kodak EasyShare to start with. Once you have found the perfect design, save it to your hard drive. Next, it is time to download the file we need to convert into a Photoshop format. For this purpose, there are many software available on the market that can easily convert images for us.

How to Remove Black Desktop Images

If you are fond of desktop wallpapers and have a number of them on your desktop, then using the black desktop Images as a substitute of the other colors can be a good idea. The black desktop Images is generally due to installed third-party software that you install in your Windows system for automatically setting wallpapers on your PC. Hence, the reason behind black background showing up when you install a new wallpaper is due to the third-partys installed software you have already installed on your machine to change your desktop or main menu.

When you try to change your current wallpaper using the control panel such as Control Panel> System and Security> Windows Settings, then you will notice that some of the settings will be automatically updated without your knowledge or permission. These changes include your desktop Images, Internet Explorer home page settings, login window settings, control panel, and even your taskbar icons. When you perform any one of these operations, it usually results to your operating system without losing some information or any other settings that were set by the user and replacing it with default settings from the manufacturer.

This is how some people feel when they use third-party programs to change their desktop images, and the reason why this problem occurs is that these programs will sometimes refuse to remove picture images even after your computer is properly cleaned. Usually, when a program refuse to remove picture images even after your computer was thoroughly cleaned, then the reason may lie in the program’s registry. It may be that the files cannot be deleted or removed from an area where it used to reside before, or some other reasons. In such cases, to ensure the program will not refuse to remove picture images, you can simply click on Run, then type regedit in the field given on the Window> Control Panel> Hardware and Sound> General tab. The regedit function will open a new dialog box, once you click on it, you will see a list of all the commands that can be entered, and the right click will result to you select the command you want to enter.

Changing Your Black Desktop Images Instantly – How To Go About It?

The black desktop Images is generally because of third-parties’ programs that you install in your Windows operating system for setting colorful wallpapers. So, the reason for black background showing up when you put a new wallpaper in your computer is simply due to the third-partiance programs that you have installed either to customize your desktop or minimize your task bar and icons in the task bar. In any case, if you want a different looking desktop Images, all you need to do is to go for free desktop Images animation images that can be found online. The black backgrounds available on the Internet are also generally high quality ones, since they’re mostly images from professional designers and image editing software programs. These free designs come in a variety of sizes so that they could perfectly fit the screen of your computer monitor.

After downloading one of these free desktop wallpapers, you need to open the file explorer window so that you can pick which image you want to use as your new desktop Images. Simply drag and drop the image onto your desired location and drop the file into the “images” folder. The next step is to pick the type of black desktop Images that you want to use for your Windows operating system. In case you’re using Windows Vista, simply pick the “vturses” theme from the drop-down menu so that your PC will look pretty when displaying content in the Explorer program. For Windows 7, simply pick the classic theme that is present in all the latest Windows operating systems. By the way, you could also use the “transparent” theme in case you don’t like the usual black-on-white theme.

Finally, after finishing with the installation of these programs, you should run the programs again in order to make sure that everything went smoothly. Once everything’s running smooth, you can then use these same programs in order to easily change your windows display settings by using different icons or text boxes. You may also set your access settings to allow or deny different users the ability to change your screen saver or background. By using any of these easy steps, you can easily improve the efficiency of your computer by removing a boring background and improve its functionality by changing its appearance anytime you want to. This is also one of the easiest ways to improve your access speeds since you do not have to repeatedly search for the shortcut to the desktop any more.

The black desktop Images is generally because of third-parties’ software which you install within your Windows system for setting beautiful wallpapers in the computer. The main cause for black screen appearing while you install a new wallpaper also is due to the third-parties’ software which you have installed on your PC to change your desktop or screen resolution. You must not forget that these applications make use of various files and DLL to run. Hence, if you remove any file from your computer, such programs may not load properly.

The above mentioned is one of the easiest ways to fix the problem of “Do not load Windows 10 wallpaper goes black when I add/remove software” problem. In order to fix this particular issue, you must be sure that all the files related to your programs are properly deleted from your machine. However, you may not remove all the files at once. Sometimes, it may be necessary to delete few files until you can successfully fix the problem. For that reason, you must always perform scans with a registry cleaner program to fix the issue.

It is highly suggested to take advantage of a registry cleaner application to fix the Windows 10 wallpaper go black when I add/remove software program. These programs are designed to scan the whole computer system to detect unnecessary and unwanted DLL files. When such files are found, they are safely removed so your computer will not face a black screen Background issue anymore. Moreover, such programs also make use of superior scanning technology to detect the corrupt files and quickly fix them. With just a few minutes of scanning your computer, such programs will permanently fix the problems causing the “do not load Windows 10 wallpaper goes black when I add/remove software” issue.