Birch Wood background – High Quality Wallpaper ideas

A birch wood wallpaper is an ideal choice for wall art, as it will be a beautiful contrast to a design dominated by bold colors. It is a great choice for any design project because it is a classic material, which lends itself to a variety of applications. This background can be found as a stock photo or image, and comes in a variety of colors. This texture makes a great choice for a range of projects.

A birch wood wallpaper is a beautiful, textured wood background that sits behind a large sculpture of a skyscraper. The birch wood wallpaper is UV-printed on birch, and measures 48″W x 32″H. The birch wood texture also makes an excellent wall decor option. You can find several birch-themed wallpapers on Spoonflower, and you can also use your own photo of a bare limb.