Ben 10 Has a Good background

If you love the Ben 10 TV series, you’ll be pleased to learn that the popular cartoon has a fascinating background. While the Ben 10 character is a beloved favorite among many kids, his past was a little bleak. During the early seasons, he was a reluctant hero, and was never able to save his family from the evil aliens. The good news is that he’s back as a hero with a new Omnitrix!

The Ben Tennyson TV series has become a worldwide phenomenon, with fans around the world finding themselves glued to the show. The series follows the exploits of 10-year-old boy Ben as he takes a road trip across space with his cousin Gwen and grandfather Max, who is a member of an intergalactic organization called the Plumbers. As the journey unfolds, Ben finds an alien device in his RV that changes him into an alien life form.