Beam background Design Ideas

Beam images are a common part of many designs, including space-age architectures. The shape and energy distribution of the beams are influenced by their surroundings, so their placement is crucial to the design. Using a laser can cause collisions with a variety of objects. Beams can also be used to create interesting effects in architecture. In addition to providing support to a variety of other elements, beams can also be placed in mid-air, without any support from below.

A Beam is a solid piece of furniture. Beams are the main support for torches and columns. They also form continuous vertical pillars when stacked. The two types of beams are naturally found in Underground Cabins and can be crafted out of Adamantite. During a simulation, the particles emitted from a Beam are recorded as histograms of energy. Using the same method, a single Beam can be simulated and analyzed with these parameters.