bd backgrounds

BD Backgrounds is a leading manufacturer of professional photography equipment. They have been serving international markets for decades. They specialize in seamless background paper, as well as essential studio equipment. This article will give you a quick overview of their main products. These include: BD White Paper, BD Grey Paper, & BD Yellow Wallpaper. The “Super White” is their premium quality background with no reflections and an exquisite finish. It’s perfect for portrait, product, and commercial photography. BD Black and Gray backgrounds are great for group shots and are available in three standard sizes.
The BD Background Company is a leading manufacturer of professional photographic and display backgrounds. The company was founded over 60 years ago and is a subsidiary of Savage Universal Paper Company. The BD brand is renowned for its high-quality and non-reflective background paper. BD seamless papers are ideal for photo backgrounds, advertisements, drafting, and decorating. The BD seamless paper rolls are core wound and come in three standard sizes.
BD Backgrounds are an innovative manufacturer of photography background paper that has been serving the international market for decades. In addition to studio backgrounds, BD offers other essential photography equipment such as supports and agarre. Using their products will make your photographs look more professional and will give your projects the attention they deserve. Read on to learn more about the different types of BG background papers and their benefits. Also, you’ll find information about a variety of photo backgrounds that you can purchase online.
BD Backgrounds – 3D Background Paper

BD Background Paper is a fine-tooth, non-reflective surface that is compatible with a variety of media and is ideal for photo backgrounds, display banners, drafting, and decorations. These rolls are shipped in a sturdy carton with a core wound. The high-quality, smooth surfaces are perfect for any occasion. Available in 50 unique colors, these seamless paper rolls can be used in a variety of photography applications.
BD Backgrounds For a Colourful Background

BD backgrounds are made from high quality seamless paper with a fine tooth and are nonreflective. It is ideal for use in many applications, including photos, banners, drafting, decorations, and more. This seamless paper comes in over 50 different color options and is packaged in heavy-duty shipping tubes. It is also available in 66cm rolls for a variety of sizes. They are made of 100% recycled fiber.