Banner backgrounds That Appear Full Screen

If you have decided to use a fullscreen background image on your website, it’s best to make sure it is compatible with different display options. Not all visitors to your website use the same browsers and devices, so it’s important to test your new design on several browsers and display sizes. This includes testing it on mobile devices such as tablets. It also helps to know the dimensions of your screen so you can determine which size to use.

Banner backgrounds that appear full screen are perfect for websites and social media platforms. The image must be high resolution, in either horizontal or vertical orientation, and it must be optimized for all display options. If it’s possible to maintain the traditional 16×9 ratio, you can still use it, but the headline will be shifted underneath the image. It’s also important to test the full-screen background on mobile devices. Having a large background image is an excellent way to ensure that your site is viewed on all devices.