ball pit background

In Club Penguin, the Ball Pit Background was a very rare background. Players could purchase this unique theme at the Prize Booth in the Forest for 75 tickets. This design was based on the Iceberg that can be found during the Fairs. It also featured a new decoration for 2011. However, the ball pits have been retired from the game and cannot be purchased again. Instead, you can still find them as part of the collection in Club Penguin’s store.

A ball pit is a fun background in Club Penguin Rewritten. Players can obtain it for 75 tickets by playing in the Prize Booth at The Fair during The Summer. This item has a redesigned decoration for 2011 which is a fun change from the original. This item is a must-have item for all Penguins. In addition, it’s a great photo-op opportunity! So, what is your favorite ball pit?

The Ball Pit background was a rare, downloadable background in Club Penguin Rewritten. Players could redeem it from the Prize Booth in the Forest during The Fair 2011 to receive 75 tickets. The background was themed around the Iceberg, which is popular in the Fairs. It featured a completely redone decoration for the year 2011. The Ball Pit is now a permanent Image for all players in Club Penguin Rewritten. This resurgence of the ball pit is a perfect fit for the age of Instagram.