background translate

The word background can be used to describe the scenery, ground, or painting behind the objects in a picture. It can also refer to the image under your computer screen. The Filipino word for background is karanasan. Here’s how to translate this word:

The translation of the target and background was triggered by a threshold crossing of the PSD signal. This signal was synchronized with high-speed video recording and was acquired synchronously with a common trigger signal. The translation of the target and background was performed with an intrinsic delay of 30-50 ms after the swim bout was detected. Custom LabVIEW programs controlled the acquisition of the data. The data were collected in two trials. Trials in which the stimulus was located at the initial position were pooled with trials with the target in a pre-specified position.


This API also supports multiple languages. The Translate endpoint translates the given message into the selected language and stores the result in Firestore. This service also uses a unique document name to prevent multiple translation requests from occurring at the same time. The URL of the project is YOUR_GOOGLE_CLOUD_PROJECT_ID. The /request-translation endpoint lists the translations currently available, and shows a form where users can submit new translations. Each request is published to Pub/Sub in the background.