background skin

If you are a Gourmet Ads Publisher, you can use a custom background skin on your website. These skins are completely customizable and allow you to add your own image to the background of the start menu. While some of these skins are compatible with the Metro UI, you can also customize them to suit other devices. If you’re not sure which skin to use, read on to learn more. Listed below are the steps you need to follow.

Background Skins (also known as Wallpaper Advertising or background Advertising) are a highly effective branding unit with performance metrics similar to those of TV media buys. They’re usually static, clickable background visuals that take up the space above your website. Typically, you’ll be able to select them through the High Impact Page of the Publisher Console. Advertisers are especially fond of these ads during the holidays and other special occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries.


The transparent skin input block maker allows you to choose the key input method, language, and shape of your virtual key input block. You can then use the background skin maker to standardize and regulate the resolution of your background content according to the size and resolution of the information communication terminal. Finally, you can load the skin compositor into the background skin zone of your information communication terminal display screen. Then, you can compose your virtual key input block with a custom background skin.


Another thing to consider when choosing a background is your model’s skin tone. A seamless background can add a flattering touch to skin tone. Choose a color that compliments the skin tone of your model. A seamless paper backdrop will also complement your model’s skin tone. Depending on the model’s natural skin tone, you can adjust the tonality of the backdrop in post-production. This will make it easier to edit your image after the fact.