A Brief History of KTM Motorcycles

The history of KTM is fascinating, but how did the brand come to be? It all started with a prototype bike called the R100. A few years later, Ernst Kronreif became a shareholder and the company changed its name to reflect his last name. In the early 1960s, Hans Trunkenpolz passed away and his son, Erich Trunkenpolz, took over the company. The new owner expanded the company’s footprint throughout Europe, including the United States.

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The full form of KTM is Kraftfahrzeuge Trunkenpolz Mattighofen, which translates to “electric motor Lorry”. It is an Austrian car production company founded by Johann Hans Trunkenpolz in 1934. In 1954, Ernst Kronreif purchased the company. Despite its success in the motorcycle industry, KTM’s history is less well known than the company’s in-motorcycle production.